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At Historic America Tours, our mission is to bring history to life by providing captivating and informative guided tours across the United States. We strive to offer an unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts, delivering a deep insight into the rich cultural heritage and pivotal moments that have shaped this great nation over the centuries.


Our vision is to become the premier destination for history lovers, both domestic and international, seeking engaging and well-researched tours of America’s most historically significant sites. We aim to be recognized as the ultimate authority in historical tours, curating immersive experiences that foster a connection to past events and inspire a greater appreciation for the narratives that have molded our society.

Company History

Historic America Tours was founded in 2005 by Christopher Collins, a respected historian and passionate advocate for preserving and sharing America’s cultural heritage. Driven by his own fascination with history, Collins recognized the need for high-quality guided tours that would accurately convey the significance of each destination while engaging visitors with compelling narratives.

Founder – Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins is an esteemed historian with over two decades of experience in visualizing history for immersive experiences. He holds a Ph.D. in American History and is renowned for his extensive research in cultural heritage preservation. Combining his academic expertise with a passion for storytelling, Collins has played a pivotal role in crafting and developing each of our tours to deliver an exceptional and captivating experience.

Website Creation

Historic America Tours decided to create this website to provide a user-friendly and accessible platform where history enthusiasts can easily discover, select, and book our enriching tours. We understand that in the digital age, people have busy lives, and online platforms play a significant role in planning their travel experiences. Therefore, we have meticulously crafted this website to offer an array of historical perspectives, enlighten users about our offerings, and facilitate seamless bookings.

Our Objective

The main objective of our website is to offer an immersive and interactive platform for history enthusiasts to explore the fascinating world of American history. Our website serves as an authoritative hub, providing detailed information about the historical sites we cover, the significance of those locations, and the events that unfolded there.

Target Audience

Our tours cater to individuals, families, and groups who have a thirst for knowledge about the past. Whether tourists from abroad seeking to engage with American history or U.S. residents yearning to deepen their understanding of their own heritage, Historic America Tours caters to all who wish to explore the profound connections between the present and the stories of the past.

Our Unique Value

At Historic America Tours, we pride ourselves on having a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and historians behind the scenes. Every tour is meticulously designed, thoroughly researched, and continuously updated to ensure accuracy and intellectual rigor. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of our guided tours, as well as the seamless user experience offered on our website.

Join us on a transformative journey through this remarkable country as we unearth the hidden gems of history that have shaped the United States and the world as we know it. Discover the narrative tapestry that defines our nation at Historic America Tours — where the past intertwines with the present.

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