Historic Churches of Savannah Tour

Few cities in America have as many historic churches as Savannah Georgia. On our guided tour of Savannah's most historic churches, you'll learn about what makes each church unique. You'll hear about the history of each church and the historical events surrounding each one.

  • The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
  • The First African Baptist Church
  • Christ Church
  • ...and 3-4 more per tour!
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  • Price: Ages 12+: $19.95 Ages 6-11: $9.95 Ages 5 and under: Free
  • Times: Sunday-Saturday: 11 am and 2 pm 2 Hour Tour
  • Starting Location: TBD
  • Days: Sunday-Saturday

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. One of the stops on our historic Church tour in Savannah Georgia

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah Georgia, one of the stops one our historic church tour.

The Independent Presbyterian Church

The First African Baptist Church. You'll visit this historic church on our tour of historic churches.

The First African Baptist Church

The First African Baptist Church, located in Savannah Georgia, is one of the most important historic churches in Savannah. Telling the story of the African American community during Savannah's past, this church offers an unbelievable look in Savannah's past.

Built by the slaves that lived in Savannah, the First African Baptist Church has stood for 150 years, dedicated to those who persevered during times that were beyond tough.

We stop at the First African Baptist Church to tell the amazing history of this landmark. While we do not go inside, there do offer separate tours which will tell the whole story about this historic Savannah church.

Learn more about the First African Baptist Church

Consider taking more than one Tour

Discover Historic America Tours offers great discounts for taking more than one tour with us. For each additional tour you purchase you'll save $5 off each ticket. So, take a few tours that you find interesting and save money!

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