Guided Tours of Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery is consistently named the most beautiful cemetery in America. All it takes is a few minutes inside of this historic burial ground to see why. Bonaventure is rich in beauty, wonder, and history. Our Guided Tours of Bonaventure Cemetery allow you to have a greater understanding of the history and the people who make Bonaventure the treasure that it is.

A number of the topics we talk about on our Bonaventure Cemetery Tour include:

  • The History of Bonaventure Cemetery
  • The stories of famous people buried inside
  • Cemetery Symbolism
  • Burial Customs and Practices
  • ...and much more!
  • Price: Ages 12+: $19.95 Ages 6-11: $9.95 Ages 5 and under: Free
  • Times: Sunday-Saturday: 11 am and 3 pm
  • Starting Location: Bonaventure Cemetery 330 Bonaventure Road Savannah Georgia, 31404
  • Days: Sunday-Saturday

On our guided tour of Bonaventure Cemetery, we'll visit many grave sites of famous people.

Famous Grave Sites

Throughout Bonaventure Cemetery, you'll find burial plots and tombs to Savannah's most famous and influential residents from times past. On our guided tour of Bonaventure Cemetery, you'll get to see these majestic burial areas. You'll also hear the background information and stories of these famous people.

Little Gracie is one of Bonaventure Cemetery's most famous residents. One our guided tour you'll visit her grave.

Little Gracie

Perhaps the most famous, and most visited grave in Bonaventure Cemetery belongs to 'Little Gracie'. Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to her grave, in an attempt to comfort the soul of this little girl, who lost her life in Savannah.

On our tour of Bonaventure Cemetery, you'll get to see the burial plot and statue of Little Gracie. We'll also tell you the story of how this little girl came to be buried so far away from her family.

A grave in Bonaventure Cemetery. On our guided tours you'll learn what these symbols mean.

Cemetery Symbolism

Throughout Bonaventure Cemetery, you'll find symbolism everywhere you look. Each of these symbols, statues and markers mean something, but do you know what they mean?

As we walk through Bonaventure Cemetery your guide will be pointing out classic examples of Cemetery Symbolism and what they mean. After this tour you'll be able to walk through any Cemetery and know what you're looking at and what hidden meaning it holds.

Consider taking more than one Tour

Discover Historic America Tours offers great discounts for taking more than one tour with us. For each additional tour you purchase you’ll save $5 off each ticket. So, take a few tours that you find interesting and save money!

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