Historic Savannah Tours

Savannah Georgia, one of America's most historic cities, is also one of the most beautiful cities in the World. Discover Historic America is proud to be able to give the highest quality historic walking tours in Savannah.

Every year, millions of people visit Savannah's Historic District, but few ever get to see the real Savannah. Have you ever wondered who lived in those historic mansions? What their stories were? On our tours of Savannah, you'll hear the stories of not only the famous Savannahians who lived there, you'll also hear about the important events which shaped Savannah.

In the Historic District, you cannot go more than a few blocks without seeing one of our historic churches. Each of these churches tell an amazing story. On our Historic Churches of Savannah Tour, you'll visit many of these beautiful churches and learn the real history behind them.

If Cemeteries are your thing, Discover Historic America offers guided tours of Bonaventure Cemetery and Colonial Park Cemetery. Each of these historic cemeteries contributed greatly to the story of Savannah Georgia.

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Our Guided Tours in Savannah Georgia

Bonaventure Cemetery, location for Discover Historic America's Bonaventure Cemetery Tours in Savannah


Named America's most beautiful Cemetery, Bonaventure Cemetery is a 'must-see' location for anyone visiting Savannah Georgia. Our Bonaventure Cemetery Tours are aimed at all ages, retelling the history of the Cemetery and its' most famous 'residents'.

This is a historical cemetery tour, not a ghost tour. After your tour, you'll have a greater understanding for what makes Bonaventure so special.

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The Green Meldrim House, one of the stops on our Savannah History Tours


On this 2 hour walking tour of Savannah's famous Historic District, you'll take a journey and discover the most historic and interesting locations in Savannah. We start our historical tour of Savannah in Johnson Square, the exact location where our city was founded.

From there, we'll explore Savannah's historic streets and Squares covering topics such as the founding of Savannah, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Slavery, Historic Homes, and much more!

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Tour Savannah's historic churches on our Historic Churches of Savannah Tour


Churches played a major part on the lives of those who have lived in Savannah. Because of this it seems like there is a historic church on every other block in Savannah. Each one has its own unique history and stories.

The story of Savannah can be told through the Historic Churches on our tour route. On this guided tour, you'll visit the most historic churches in Savannah. Many of them give us access to explore inside. If you're looking for a unique tour in Savannah and are interesting in the history behind our magnificent churches, this is the tour for you.

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Colonial Park Cemetery, location of one of our Cemetery Tours in Savannah Georgia


Savannah Georgia's oldest Cemetery, Colonial Park has long been a source of wonder for guests to Savannah. On our Colonial Park Cemetery Tour, you'll get to meet the famous residents buried inside these walls. You'll also walk away with a greater understanding of the important role Colonial Park Cemetery played in Savannah's history.

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