Wright Square in Savannah Georgia

Wright Square is one of the original 4 Squares to be laid on in 1733 by General Oglethorpe. Originally, Wright Square was named Percival Square after the Right Honorable John, Lord Viscount Percival (1683-1748). In 1763 Percival Square was renamed to Wright Square. The name comes from James Wright, the 3rd and last of Georgia's royal governors. Wright Square originally served as the square which housed the Courthouse, as it does today, and a Market.

The ward on which Wright Square sits on is Percival Ward. Percival Ward was one of the first four Wards that were established in Savannah.

TomoChiChi's Burial Site

When General Oglethorpe and the colonial settlers landed in Savannah they were met by Tomochichi, a leader in the Creek Indian nation. Tomochichi became a friend and trusted adviser to General Oglethorpe. He was instrumental in helping the English establishing the city of Savannah.

Tomochichi was laid to rest in Wright Square. Today a massive piece of granite sits on the southeast side of Wright Square to honor Tomochichi. The granite was mined in Stone Mountain. This monument was purchased and planned by William Gordon's widow and other members of the Colonial Dames of Georgia.

Tomochichi's Monument, which is located in Wright Square

The William Washington Gordon Monument

In the center of Wright Square stands the monument to William Washington Gordon. In 1883, the citizens of Savannah decided to replace the stone monument on Tomochichi's grave with this monument.

The idea of removing the memorial to Tomochichi and replacing it with a monument to someone else didn't sit well with many people, including Gordon's own widow. She was a member of the Colonial Dames of Georgia. She and other members planned a new monument to Tomochichi. Today, you can find this huge granite monument to Tomochichi on the south-east corner of Wright Square.

The William Washington Gordon Monument, which is located in Wright Square in Savannah Georgia

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