Franklin Square in Savannah

Welcome to Franklin Square, which was originally named after one of America's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin.  Yes, that Benjamin Franklin.  (Fun fact: Franklin was not only one of our country's founding fathers, but he also acted as Georgia's agent in London from 1768 to 1775).

Originally laid out in 1790, Franklin Square was once one of the most necessary squares of Savannah, for seated at the center of the Square itself was once the old water tower.  In fact, for a good long while Franklin Square wasn't even called such (although that was always its name); instead it had earned the nicknames, "Water Tower Square," "Water Tank Square," and even "Reservoir Square."

By the 20th century, unfortunately, Franklin Square had fallen into disuse and was actually demolished in 1935.  Good fortune was in the cards for this 18th century square, however, because in the 1980s there was a movement to restore the Square to its original glory as a commemoration of Georgia's 250th anniversary.  Today, we can thank that restoration movement because Franklin Square is a hidden gem.

Montgomery Street, between Congress Street and Bryan Street

Attractions on Franklin Square

The First African Baptist Church

Located on Franklin Square, the First African Baptist Church is one of the most historic churches in the Historic District. Savannah's oldest church for African Americans, the First African Baptist Church was built with the help of Slaves. Inside, you'll find many reminders of Savannah's past.

Learn more about the First African Baptist Church

The First African Baptist Church on Franklin Square in Savannah Georgia

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