Historic Chatham Square in Savannah

Chatham Square was brought into existence in 1847 and was one of the last Squares in Savannah to be laid out. It is located on Barnard Street between Taylor and Gordon Streets. Chatham Square was named after William Pitt, the First Earl of Chatham. The county that Savannah resides in, Chatham County is also named after the Earl.

Chatham is a peaceful Square and, therefore a good place to go and relax. It is a fairly plain Square, with only a few benches. However, the old oaks give the Chatham Square a lot of character, and important on those hot summer days, a lot of shade. There might not be a whole lot going on around Chatham Square, as for as tourists are concerned, but it is still a beautiful place to relax and take in your surroundings.

Two buildings may be of interest to you while checking out Chatham Square. The first is the Barnard Street School. This building is now part of the SCAD system. The Square was actually used as a playground for the students of the Barnard Street school for many years. The other is actually a set of buildings called Gordon Row. Gordon Row is a series of 15 4 story homes in a row. Today they are used as rental properties.

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