The House at 432 Abercorn

432 Abercorn Street is one of the most infamous homes in all of Savannah Georgia. Considered by many to be the most haunted house in all of Savannah (even though there is no proof to support any of the claims) 432 Abercorn Street is the subject of many conversations, a location on many ghost tour companies' routes....and just a plain creepy house.

432 Abercorn was built in 1868 for Benjamin T. Wilson, a Veteran of the American Civil War. It is a dilapidated Greek Revival structure on Calhoun Square. Despite being a highly desired location for a homeowner 432 remains empty and abandoned. There are many theories out there ranging from the believable, the women who currently owns it isn't interested in having people live the extraordinary, that the spirits inside of the home drive everyone to kill themselves.

What is known for sure is that Wilson's wife died from yellow fever, leaving him and their daughter behind. Many people have suggested that Mr. Wilson went into a deep depression after the death of his wife. (Completely understandable)

The story continues that Mr. Wilson had a problem with his daughter playing in Calhoun Square with the children from the Massie School, which sits just a few yards from 432 Abercorn. Frustrating by the lack of success he had in keeping his daughter from playing with the children from Massie he tied his daughter to a chair and let her sit in the front window of their home, as punishment. She had to watch the other children play and have fun, without being allowed to partake herself. After two days, her daughter succumbed to the Savannah heat. Her spirit and that of her father is supposedly seen through the windows of the home.

If you have seen any of the photographs from the house that contain 'ghosts' you will notice that 99.5% of them are simply tricks that the glass, or the once visible mantle, play on the eyes. It has been shown many times that the 'girl' people photograph in the window is simply a part of the fireplace mantle. Yet, for some reason, people still insist it is a girl. Another story that is often told is the story of the 'face' in the stone of the exterior of the house. Once again, it does slightly resemble a face. However, I feel it is pretty ridiculous to suggest a ghost or spirit placed some face on the side of the house. And..if spirits went around placing faces in stonework..why wouldn't they just take a few extra minutes and actually make it look like a real face?

The bottom line is that we do not believe 432 to be haunted by ghosts. Many of the stories or photographs can be chalked up to overzealous tourists who want to see something in their photographs which are simply not there. I doubt the ghost tour companies in town have a problem perpetuating these stories either. So, go and check out the house, it is a beautiful home. However, don't buy into every ghost story you hear in Savannah.

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