Tour Savannah Georgia

Georgia's oldest city, and consistently ranked as one of America's most beautiful, Savannah is a history lover's dream. From our antebellum mansions, historic Squares, and beautiful cemeteries, Savannah has something for everyone.

While visiting Savannah, taking a tour is the best way to know the real history of our city. Whether you want to take a tour of the Historic District or one of our captivating cemeteries, Discover Historic America offers you the chance to learn more about the city that begs to be discovered.

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Savannah's Fascinating History

Not only does Discover Historic America provide the highest quality tours in Savannah, we also spend a lot of time researching the history of this Port City. Discovering forgotten aspects of Savannah's history never gets old!

While you're visiting Savannah, you may want to visit some of Savannah's most historic locations on your own. The staff here at Discover Historic America has spent a ridiculous amount of time researching and writing articles on some of our favorite places in Savannah. Feel free to dig in and learn about our city before you get here.

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