Nothing defines the uniqueness of New Orleans like our local cemeteries do. From the above ground tombs to the fascinating people buried within the walls, they are literally stacked with history giving you a view of New Orleans' History. Perhaps the most well known Cemetery in New Orleans is St. Louis Cemetery No.1, which is where our Cemetery Tour takes place.

7 days per week you can join Discover Historic America as we tour St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, the oldest, and most historic Cemetery in New Orleans. On this 90-minute walking tour, you’ll be treated to an assortment of stories about the history of St. Louis Cemetery and the famous and interesting people who are interned inside.

We start our Cemetery Tour at Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was known as the Mortuary Church. This church was the final stop for many people before they were laid to rest inside St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. It is only appropriate we start our Cemetery Tour there. From there we’ll head into the labyrinth of tombs and vaults which make up what’s left of the Cemetery. That’s right, the Cemetery used to take up a lot more square feet than it does now. So, what happened to all of those bodies? You’ll learn the answer to that question and many more.

The tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is a walking tour. Since we are entering the Cemetery, a motorized tour is simply not possible.

  • Price: Ages 12+: $19.95 Ages 6-11: $9.95 Ages 5 and under: Free
  • Times: Monday-Saturday: 11 am and 1 pm Sunday: 10 am
  • Starting Location: Our Lady of Guadalupe 411 N. Rampart Street New Orleans 70112
  • Days: 7 days per week

What Can You Expect on our Cemetery Tours?

Over Vaults are a popular way to intern the deceased in St. Louis Cemetery #1.

Vaults, Tombs and more!

Do you know what an Oven Vault is? Or how a family tomb can hold so many bodies? On our St. Louis Cemetery Tour, our tour guides will show you examples of each and tell you exactly how they were used.

St. Louis Cemetery #1 has an impressive number of Oven Vaults, Society Tombs and Family Tombs. Not only will you get to see them but you'll hear the interesting stories about the people laid to rest inside of them.

Voodoo has an interesting history in St. Louis Cemetery #1. One our Cemetery Tours we'll tell you about the connection between Voodoo and this New Orleans Cemetery

Voodoo and St. Louis Cemetery #1

Most people know that New Orleans has a deep connection and long history with Voodoo. What many people don't realize is Voodoo's connection with our Cemeteries. On our Cemetery Tour, your guide will be stopping at two tombs which tell the story of Voodoo in New Orleans.

Whether you're interested in Voodoo, in general, or you want to see the tomb of Marie Laveau or Dr. John, you'll hear about it on this cemetery tour.

Where does the Cemetery Tour meet at?

Our tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1 starts at the corner of Conti Street and North Rampart, in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Your tour guide will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the tour to meet you and check you in.

The address for Our Lady of Guadalupe is 411 North Rampart Street, New Orleans Louisiana, 70112.

What about Parking?

Parking can be very difficult to find in the French Quarter. We highly advise that you walk or take a cab. The Cemetery is an easy 10-minute walk from almost anywhere in the French Quarter.

Are you interested in taking more than one tour?

Discover Historic America offers great discounts if you purchase more than one tour at a time. Check out the other New Orleans tours that we offer. For more information please call our office at 504-210-8540.

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