Ghost City Tours, New Orleans Ghost Tour Company

Announcing our Partnership With Ghost City Tours

To Bring You Haunted New Orleans Tours

Here at Explore Historic New Orleans we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality tours to visitors and locals alike, in New Orleans. Ghost Tours have never been our thing. As a matter of fact, we don’t offer ghost tours at all. Our guide staff prefers to spend out time with the strictly historic tours we offer, such as the St. Louis Cemetery Tour, or our Historic Cocktail Tour. That doesn’t mean we do not get a lot of people asking us for ghost tours. They are very popular in New Orleans. So, we decided to partner up with Ghost City Tours in order to offer ghost tours.

When we decided to partner with a Ghost Tour company in New Orleans we didn’t take the decision lightly. After all, there are quite a few ghost tour companies here. We only wanted to partner with the best haunted tour company. And we decided that was Ghost City Tours. While they are one of the newer companies in New Orleans, they have a long track record in cities such as Savannah Georgia, for provided the highest quality, and the most historically accurate tours. And this was very important to us. When we recommend someone to another company we are vouching for that company. We wouldn’t risk our reputation on any company that we didn’t truly believe has our guests’ best interests at heart.

Dedication to Haunted History

One of the aspects we really love about Ghost City Tours is their dedication to the real history of the locations they visit on their tours. Trust us, if you take a ghost tour in New Orleans there is a very good chance you are going to listen to 2 hours of mostly fictional history. Some of the stories we have heard being told on ghost tours make us cringe.

Ghost City Tours really takes the time to ensure that the history behind the ghost stories they are telling is correct, even if that means leaving out some of the more gory stories and tales. We respect that a lot.

We look forward to working with Ghost City Tours in the future. We know that everyone we recommend to them will have a great time on this haunted New Orleans Tour.